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Tucker Maxon School

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The Tucker Maxon School tells us how our grant has supported its mission:

Erin Henry “just knew” her daughter Vivian was deaf from the day she was born – because she is too. Erin also knew about Tucker Maxon School because is an alumna, having moved to Portland when she was five to attend it.

At four months, Vivian received her first hearing aids from Tucker Maxon. Erin spent the next year researching cochlear implants and made the decision to have Vivian get cochlear implant surgery when she was 18 months old. When Tucker Maxon’ s audiologist first turned on her implant, Vivian burst into tears, which broke Erin’s heart. But the audiologist assured Erin that Vivian’s reaction was typical. After that, Vivian would cry when Erin took the implant off- she wanted to hear all the time!

Still, when Vivian first arrived in preschool, she spoke only a handful of words and struggled with balance. Because of their early lack of exposure to sound, children with hearing loss experience an immediate disadvantage in spoken language development. While early intervention is critical to overcoming this disadvantage, almost all children with hearing loss enter preschool with spoken language deficits. After three years in preschool, Vivian is now thriving in kindergarten. Now, thanks to Tucker Maxon, Vivian is the queen of the playground, and no one can get her to stop talking! Vivian has found her voice and has plenty to say.

Today, Erin believes Vivian has limitless opportunities thanks to Tucker Maxon. “My first days of school here were filled with the love and caring of the staff at Tucker Maxon. It is that love and connection that I still see at the school today. I am grateful for the teachers and staff at Tucker Maxon who helped me grow and are now helping Vivian soar!”

Right now, Vivian’s dreams include becoming a doctor, a teacher, or maybe a veterinarian. Her dreams are big, and Erin wants to help her reach her goals. Everyone at Tucker Maxon works together to ensure that Vivian – and every child – is receiving the best education possible so she can reach her full potential.

To learn more about Tucker Maxon School, visit their website.

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“I am grateful for the teachers and staff at Tucker Maxon who helped me grow and are now helping Vivian soar!”