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Dress for Success Oregon

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Dress for Success Woman wearing business attire

This is the story of one of the lives changed by Dress for Success:

I came to the United States from the Middle East four years ago with an engineering degree and professional work experience. The only job I could get here was teaching toddlers at a home day care. I was desperately trying to survive on my low wages while paying back student loans. I filled out dozens of job applications for engineering positions, but my efforts were in vain. I took resume, job, and interview workshops with no payback. I felt hopeless. That all changed when I found Dress for Success Oregon. After attending the Fast Track Workshops and getting some personalized job coaching, I had a new resume, a new elevator speech, new strategies, new confidence – and a new outfit. The doors began to open! I got my first temporary engineering position at a government agency that is hard to break into.

I continued to hone my professionalism through the HOPE program, fine-tuning my technical and interpersonal skills. Finally, I got the big payoff: my dream job, a permanent engineering position. I was selected over 95 other candidates. I had the luxury then of canceling the other five interviews I had scheduled! Dress for Success Oregon has turned my life around in less than a year. I love my new home, my new career, and my new partners at this wonderful agency.

To learn more about Dress for Success Oregon, visit their website.

“Dress for Success Oregon helped me balance my life, school, and work and be great at all three. I now feel at home here in the US - confident, safe, and successful in my profession.”